Turner, Tina & Ike - Nice & Rough
Tv-Steven Oliver (Royal Shakespeare Co) - Nicholas Nickelby
Twilley, Dwight - Scuba Divers
Twitty, Conway - Conway Twitty
Tyler, T Texas - T Texas Tyler
Valli, Frankie - Is The Word
Van Duser, Guy & Billy Novick - Raisin The Rent
Various Artist Compilation Albums
Various Artists - Country Roads (uncut)
Various Artists - Golden Goodies 12
Vaughn, Billy - Christmas Songs
Vaughn, Billy - Winter World Of Love
Ventura, Governor Jesse (the Body) -
The Body Rules Picture Disc

Vinton, Bobby - Please Love Me Forever (uncut)
Visitors - No Sign Of Intelligent Life
Vixen - Interview Picture Disc
Vogues - Golden Hits
Wagner, Jack - Don't Give Up Your Day Job
Wagner, Richard - Richard Wagner (not Classical!)
Walker, Jerry Jeff - Jerry Jeff
Walker, Phillip - Bottom Of The Top
Walsh, Joe - Got Any Gum?
Ward, Jacky - Big Blue Diamond
Warner, Richard - Spirit Wind
Warren, Rusty - Knockers Up '76
Washington Squares - Washington Squares
Watanabe, Kazumi - Mobo Club
Wednesday Week - What We Had
Welk, Lawrence - Love Is Blue (uncut)
Wells, Kitty & Red Foley's - Golden Favorites (uncut)
Whats Happening Stateside (imp) - O'Jays/Bobby Womack/Garnet Mimms
Whitcomb, Ian - Crooner Tunes
Whites - Forever You
Whitesnake (picture Disc) - Interview Record
Whiting, Margaret - Goin Places (import)
Whitman, Slim - Best (uncut)
Whitman, Slim - Birmingham Jail (uncut)
Whitman, Slim - Happy Anniversary
Whitman, Slim - I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen (uncut)
Whittaker, Roger - Roger Whittaker (US Release)
Who - Endless Wire (2 Lps)
Wiedlin, Jane - Jane Wiedlin ( Blue Kiss)
Wilfahrt, Whoopie John - Best Of (2 Lp)
William B Williams Vol 02 - Krupa/ Dean Martin/ Gene Kelly+ (4 Lp Box)
William B Williams Vol 03 - Goodman/ 4 Lads/ Les Brown(4 Lp Box)
William B Williams Vol 05 - Patti Page/ Judy Holliday/ Prima+(4 Lp Box )
William B Williams Vol 09 - Ellington/ Armstrong/ Holiday/ Calloway (4 Lp Box)
William B Williams Vol 12 - Bing/ Basie/ Mel Torme/ Dinah+ (4 Lp Box)
William B Williams Vol 14 - Peggy Lee/krupa/ Nelson Riddle (4 Lp Box )
William B Williams Vol 17 - Sammy Kaye/ Duchin / Leadbelly+(4 Lp Box)
William B Williams Vol 21 - Johnny Mercer/ Prima/ Dino+ (4 Lp Box)
William B Williams Vol 22 - Satch/ Aretha/ Vic Damone+(4 Lp Box)
William B Williams Vol 25 - Brussels Worlds Fair & Francis Bay Orch (4 Lp Box )
Williams, Don - Volume 2
Williams, Jimmy- Summers Gone (uncut)
Williams, Lucinda - Passionate Kisses (EP)
Williams, Lucinda- Lucinda Williams
W/Passionate Kisses (full lp)

Willis Brothers - Best Of
Wilson, Phil & Summer Jazz Band - Live And Cookin
Winchester, Jesse - Third Down, 110 To Go
Windbreakers -A Different Sort
Wirtz, Reverend Billy C - Deep Fried & Sanctified
Women's Music
World Music
Wright, Gary - Touch & Gone
Young, Faron - Hello Walls (uncut)
Zukerman/ Bolling - Suite For Violin And Jazz Piano( Promo)

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